jueves, 5 de enero de 2012

The plant of the month (January): Muscari

There are around 40 species of these bulbs(Ex: Muscari neglectum, M.armeniacum, M.botryoides...) The most of them have a blue and globose bunch of flowers, and laminar leaves. Muscari owns to Liliaceae family, it's an hermaphrodite plant (1 gynoecium and 6 stamen), it produces a capsule fruit. This bulb flowers in spring, it grows on rocky and grassy lands, originary of Eurasia and North Africa. Muscari is around 20-25 cm tall.
At the crop fields it is knowed as a weed because its ease of spread. But its use is mainly ornamental because of its beautiful colour, this cause and the first are the two mainly reasons of it use at the extense gardens; a big amount of this little plants produce a beautiful visual shock.

If you want to know how to cultivate Muscari, follow this link

Why have I choosen this plant?
I was struck by Muscari one morning at the country , some years ago, when I was doing an Herbarium, and I was realy shocked at how colorful it was, the intensity of the blue flowers and the green leaf contrasting with the brown and dry lands around it. I searched its scientific name with my Bonnier (it was Muscari neglectum) and I never forgot its name.

Note: Although I mention this plant as "The plant of the mounth" it doesn't have nothing to do with blossoming period, simply it's because I wanted to choose a plant that I like for every month ^^.

Note 2 :The next time I'll try to write the entry at the begining of the month :3

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